The Lab

What we Want to Do from now on? 

To become bigger! We strongly believe in team playing and knowledge transfer and that is why our group continuously provides research scholarships to postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers. 

As far as research is concerned; there is no limit!

We want to be involved in strong consortia dealing with carbon feedback and development of innovative tools and ideas to harness climate change effects.

What we Do!

SpectraLab accelerates innovation to develop a future-fit Sustainable Natural Resource Management System for Agricultural/Environmental Monitoring.

Our focus lies on the fields of Environmental Computational Science, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Spectroscopy, Smart Integrated Sensing Systems, and especially on the modernization & digitalization of Soil Science.

In brief, we are keen on designing and developing new and improved (digital) tools and field-deployable methods and approaches for the Agri-Food Supply Chain by harnessing the power of Computational Intelligence and by handling Big Data derived from cutting-edge Sensing Technologies, some of them customized by us!