Nikolaos Tziolas

BSc Agriculture, MSc Geoinformatics, PhD Soil AI

Nikolaos is a soil scientist expert with a proven experience on research activities related to Artificial Intelligence. Nikolaos has been involved in research and innovation projects for the development of new observational modalities for soil monitoring and informed decision-making exploiting computational intelligence techniques, new sensor concepts (hyperspectral, thermal) as well as state of-the-art and novel observational platforms (UAVs, satellites, distributed sensing). He has served in the role of a technical member in several projects including the development of Earth Observation (EO) data infrastructures, physical process models and deep learning algorithms to demonstrate the use of EO in integrated monitoring of water-food-crop nexus, land degradation neutrality, and precision agriculture. His research is focused on the challenges regarding the integration of data from spaceborne and airborne with in-situ based measurements, through explainable artificial intelligence modelling, to develop innovative operational services at different spatial scales. He has also relevant teaching and supervising experience in the fields of soil science, land degradation, artificial intelligence and EO data analysis.