World Soil Day

"Rapid Determination of Wine Grape Maturity Level from pH, Titratable Acidity, and Sugar Content Using Non-Destructive In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy and Multi-Head Attention Convolutional Neural Networks"


European Mission: Soil Week, Madrid

Published paper
"Soil Data Cube and Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Generating National-Scale Topsoil Thematic Maps: A Case Study in Lithuanian Croplands"

Presentation at the 31st Conference of the Hellenic Society of Fruit & Vegetable Science in Heraklion, Crete

Published paper
"Cognitive Soil Digital Twin for Monitoring the Soil Ecosystem: A Conceptual Framework"

Presented at the Adaptation Futures 2023

Today, we had the honor of presenting the work and vision of Spectra Lab, AUTH at the Adaptation Futures 2023 conference in Canada. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our ideas on establishing a food resilience Living Lab that will link soil health with food sustainability continuing our research work in THEROS_project.

Thank you to the conference organizers for providing us with this platform to showcase our efforts towards a more sustainable future. #AdaptFutures2023 #THEROS_project #LivingLabs #FoodResilience #Sustainability

Participation in Adaptation Futures "IF-ALL"

Responding to the Greek Floods

Participation in the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair

Yesterday, the Spectra Lab, AUTH team embarked on an exciting journey at the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair! 🚀

We had the privilege of connecting with some brilliant academics from Greece, and one encounter was especially thrilling – a rendezvous with the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems from the National Technical University of Athens ( ICCS – NTUA ) at the Academia exhibition in Pavilion 14. 🎓

It’s always a pleasure to meet both new and familiar faces (Georgios Tsimiklis | Athanasia Tsertou | Valantis Tsiakos) from our research community, especially when we’re working together on cutting-edge European programs like HORIZON2020. 🌐

A heartfelt thanks to ICCS’s people, Giannis Karaseitanidis | Lazaros Karagiannidis, we met there for the interesting “tour” in the world of ICCS. In one of the captivating images below, you can witness Elli (Eleni Kalopesa) actively using the remarkable tools developed by ICCS exploring new frontiers in technology & research. In the other, it’s just some of us waiting for an event to start.

Here’s to more collaborations and knowledge-sharing in the future! 🤝💡

Angelos Amditis
National Technical University of Athens

Presented at Wageningen Soil Conference

In-situ measurements in Ktima Gerovassiliou

Spectra Lab Group on a holiday mission #NOT 🧢🕶
Measurements for Brix (sugar content), pH, total acidity in Ktima Gerovassiliou (🍇🍷) for the development of the most appropriate predictive model 〽️! 
Check out (👀) our activities in Kalopesa et al. (2023) 👉 and Tsakiridis et al. (2023) 👉

Spectral Evolution
Ktima Gerovassiliou

Presented at IGARSS "Topsoil Organic Carbon Estimations in Greece via Deep Learning and Open Earth Observation Data"

Presenting our recent findings in “Topsoil Organic Carbon Estimations in Greece via Deep Learning and Open Earth Observation Data” at IGARSS 2023, Pasadena, CA.
Our results show a remarkable improvement in SOC estimation accuracy compared to conventional machine learning methods. One of the key findings from our study is the significant enhancement achieved by including a 3×3 neighbouring pixel pad in the training dataset. 🎯 This innovative approach has greatly boosted the robustness of our predictions, and we are enthusiastic about investigating the interpretability of the generated models to gain a deeper understanding of their inner workings.
Grateful to our dedicated team for their hard work and enthusiastic about the potential impact of our findings! 🙌 #SoilOrganicCarbon #EOData #DeepLearning #ResearchInnovation #DataScience 

#Sustainability #igarss2023

Participation in IGARSS 2023

Success Story "eiffel4climate"

Inspection platform "BACCHUS"

Plenary meeting "eiffel4climate"

Kick-off meeting "SOB4ES"

Kick-off meeting "MRV4SOC"

Kick-off meeting "VALORADA"

World Food Safety Day

Presentation at Interdisciplinary Agri-Food Center "KEAGRO"

Kostas Karyotis and Achilleas Zalidis from our team presented to representatives of the agri-food industry how portable and low-cost spectrometers using micro-electromechanical systems can effectively monitor physicochemical properties of solids (e.g., #soil and flour) and liquids (e.g., milk) in a rapid and non-destructive way with the power of #artificialintelligence

Thanks to the Interdisciplinary Agri-Food Center (KEAGRO) and the Federation of Industries of Greece for hosting us!

You can learn more about these tools we are developing by checking out the THEROS Project and the DIONE Project!

Presentation at EGU Conference 2023, Vienna

Best Poster Award at "RSCy2023"

Kick-off meeting "AI4SoilHealth"

Publication "On-Site Soil Monitoring Using Photonics-Based Sensors and Historical Soil Spectral Libraries"

Kick-off meeting "THEROS Project"

Our solution recognized by the Commission's Innovation Radar as a "Market Ready Product" (2023-03-04)

Kick-off meeting for ScaleAgData

In situ estimation of sugar content

DIONE H2020 project - meet i-BEC

World Soil Day

MARS Conference - Barcelona

DIONE project final results were demonstrated live at the 26th MARS Conference. Our Kostas Karyotis presented DIONE’s Soil Scanning System, revealing the potential of performing cost effective on-the-spot checks on a thinner time scale, and of upscaling them with the help of EO data.

During the poster session, the synergy between H2020 DIONE’s and H2020 EIFFEL’s activities were presented.